Softball Equipment is Expensive – Where’s it At!

For those of you that have a Daughter in ASA Fastpitch Softball you know that the right softball equipment can be very expensive.Then the first time you see your daughter tossing it into the truck or all over her room, you want to pull your hair out. Well actually you want to do something else, but we won’t go there.For the longest time we didn’t think too much about it until we started buying two hundred and three hundred dollar softball bats and expensive softball gloves. Not to mention softball sliding shorts and softball batting gloves.Once they have played for a few years you also start collecting things like bug spray, chap stick, sun tan lotion, softball face shields, asa softball rule books, and on and on.This last time we went to the South Dakota State High School Softball Tournament keeping track of her softball equipment even became a bigger concern.Why?Because we went from one field to another and to try and carry all her softball equipment individually would have been impossible, not to mention embarrassing.The older she got the more important everything became. Like I mentioned earlier the softball face shield. This is a great way to protect your daughters face if she plays infield or pitcher. Of course when she was younger the balls weren’t hit hard enough to matter, but now that she is playing third base and pitching they come screaming down the line in High School Softball.We finally broke down and purchased a softball carrying bag that immediately became the most important part of all her softball equipment. We no longer were hunting for her equipment right before a game.Yes this was a typical ritual that we went through prior to having a bag to carry her softball equipment. Her mother and I would ask her, let’s see, about a million times, if she had all her stuff together. Then we would get into the truck and all of a sudden she would scream out, where’s my batting gloves or sliding shorts.The world would come to an end for a moment and then everyone would rush to find the item(s). Of course the whole time her mother and I would be telling her “Didn’t we ask you if you had all your stuff together?” Shame on us, but now we don’t go through that any more.Anyway, good luck and by the way if you haven’t already read in my blog my daughter’s team came in third as a sophomore team in the South Dakota State High School Softball Tournament. Did I say that she won defensive player of the year for her team. This is kind of a proud father speaking by the way if you didn’t notice.See below for where you can go to keep track of my daughter’s quest to earn a College Scholarship by playing Softball.Thank you and God Bless you!